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The four future ABBA members, photographed in the late fifties and early sixties.

Björn Kristian Ulvaeus, born on 25 April, 1945

Anni-frid Synni Lyngstad, born on 15 November, 1945
Göran Bror Benny Andersson, born on 16 December, 1946

Agnetha Åse Fältskog, born on 5 April 1950

1961 Björn and fellow bandmembers form the 'Westbay Singers', later named 'Hootenanny Singers', in Vastervik. Their tv-debut comes in 1964. 

Young Frida

1963-1966 Frida performs with the 'Gunnar Sandevärn Trio', with Lennart Fredriksson, Ragnar Fredriksson and Gunnar Sandevärn.

1964 Frida, Lennart Fredriksson, Ragnar Fredriksson (bass) and Gunnar Sandevärn on stage in Eskilstuna

1964-10 Benny joins the 'Hep Stars' as a keyboardist. The first hit is 'Cadillac' in March 1965. 

Bjorn formed the 'Westbay Singers' later named 'Hootenanny Singers' in 1961 in Vastervik
Björn with his Hootenanny Singers around 1965

1966  Agnetha is performing with the 'Bernt Enghardt band'.

1966-06 07 08 Björn Ulvaeus of the 'Hootenanny Singers' and Benny of the 'Hep Stars' meet at a party and start their musical friendship.
A get-together in the summer house of Björn's parents in 1966


Frida with her band in 1967

1967-09-03 Frida performs 'En Ledig Dag' in Skansen Park. After winning the contest, she makes her debut on Swedish television that same evening on the 'Hylands Hörna' tv-show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHUGxTvkKis

1967-09-11 Frida's first studio recording session: 'En Ledig Dag' in just one take, 'Du Ar Sa Underbart Rar' and 'Peter, Kom Tillbaka'.
1967-10/11/12 Frida records 'Din'.

1967-10-16 Agnetha first recording session: 'Jag Var Så Kär', 'Föli Med Mig', 'Utan Dej, Mitt LIv Går Vidare' and 'Slutet Gott Allting Gott'.

1967 Photos from Agnetha taken by Ragnar Ericsson.

1967-10/11 Björn continues his study law and economics at the University of Lund for a short period.
1967-10/11 Björn's Hootenanny Singers hire Benny for sessions of the song 'Blommar'. He plays the organ.
1967-11 Agnetha's first single 'Följ Med Mig'/ 'Jag Var Så Kär' is released.
1967-12-26 Björn joins Benny's Hep Stars on stage, standing in for guitarist Janne Frisck, who was held up in Spain.

Frida and Raknar with Lisse-Lotte and Hans

Benny with the Hep Stars in 1967

1968-01-10 Both Frida and Agnetha appear on TV show 'Studio 8'. Frida sings 'En Ledig Dag' and Agnetha 'Jag Var Så Kär'.

1968-02 Björn and his Hootenanny Singers are in Austria to finish recordings for their new album 'Bellman På Vårt Sätt'. Björn has a romance with Swedish girl Marianne Åkerman.
1968 Frida records the singles 'Simsalabim' / 'Vi Möts Igen' and 'Mycket Kär' / 'När Du Blir Min'.

1968-03-31 Agnetha's 2nd single 'Slutet Gott Allting Gott'/ 'Utan Dej, Mitt LIv Går Vidare' is released.
1968-04 Björn records his first solo single: 'Raring'.

Björn with Hootenanny Singers in 1968

1968-04/05 Agnetha records 'En Sommar Med Dig', written by her father and the self-penned track 'Försonade'. The single did not chart.

1968-04/05/06 Agnetha, 19 years old, lives in Stockholm with her executive producer Lars-Johan Rundqvist, his wife and their children. Around this time, Agnetha records 'Den Jag Väntat På' and 'Allting Har Förändrat Sej'. In May 1968, Rundqvist and Agnetha go to West-Berlin for her first German recording sessions: 'Robinson Crusoe', 'Sunny Boy', 'Señor Gonzales' and 'Mein Schönster Tag'. In West-Berlin Agnetha falls in love with arranger Dieter Zimmerman. In the Spring of 1968 Agnetha records more songs in Sweden and West-Berlin:  'Jag Har Förlarat Dej', 'Tack Sverige', 'Snövit Och De Sju Dvärgarna' and 'Min Farbror Jonathan'.

1968-05-22 Frida and Lars Lönndahl give their folkpark concert. The last concert takes place on 30 June.

1968-07/08 Agnetha returns to Stockholm for her first folkpark tour with Bernt Enghardt. Her fourth single 'Allting Har Förändrat Sej'/'Den Jag Väntat På' is released in the summer of 1968.

Agnetha on stage in Malmö

1968-07-23 Agnetha and Dieter Zimmermann get engaged.

1968-08-19 Agnetha records the duets 'Sjung Denna Sång' and 'Någonting Händer Med Mig' with Jörgen Edman.

Agnetha in August 1968

1968-09 Agnetha returns to school. She takes acting lessons at the 'Calle Fygare' theatre school in Stockholm. She also continues her singing career. The song 'Borsta tandtrollen Bort' is recorded in the studio with the Arvid Sundin Quartet.
1968-09 Börn records his solo single 'Fröken Fredriksson'/'Vår Egen Sång'.

Björn on stage in Landskrona in 1968

1968-10-29 Björn and Benny records their second Andersson/Ulvaeus compostion for the Hep Stars: 'A Flower in my garden'.

1968late Agnetha's first album 'Agnetha Fältskog' is released.

1968-10/11 Benny and Björn write their first Andersson/Ulvaeus composition: 'Isn't It Easy To Say' for the Hep Stars.
1968-12-01 The single Sjung Denna Sång' and 'Någonting Händer Med Mej' is released.

1968-12 Agnetha's German single "Senor Gonzales/Mein Schönster Tag is released.

1968-12-21 Björn and his Hootenanny Singers leave Gothenburg for the Caribbean to perform on a cruiseship during one month.

1969-01-06 Agnetha performs at the 'Apollonia' in Stockholm before an audience. The majority were concert organizers.
1969-01-08 Frida is touring with the 'Charlie Norman show' in club 'Valand' in Gothenburg until the end of January

1969-early Agnetha lives in West-Germany with her fiancé Dieter Zimmermann. The following German records, produced by Dieter Zimmermann are released on the Metronome Records GMBH label: 'Concerto D' Amore' / 'Wie Der Wind', 'Wer Schreibt Heut' Noch LIebesbriefe / Des Fest Der Pompadour', Fragezeichen Mag' Ich Nicht / Wie Der Nächste Autobus' and 'Ein Kleiner Mann In Einer Flasche / Ich Suche Liebe Bei Dir'.
1969-02-01 Benny's Hep Stars open their show at the Hamburger Börs in Stockholm.
1969-02-01 Benny and Frida meet each other for the first time.
1969-02end Björn joins Benny's Hep Stars for ten days as a temporary guitarist for Janne Frisck.
Björn joins the Hep Stars

1969-03 Agnetha's German single 'Concerto d'Amore/Wie Der Wind' is released.

1969-03-01 Frida performs 'Härlig Är Vår Jord' at the Melodifestivalen and Jan Malmsjö performs the Björn/Benny/ Berghagen production 'Hej Clown'.

1969-03-04 The Hep Stars (with temporary guitarist Björn Ulvaeus) are in Malmö for the next three days. On one of these days Benny sees Frida again.

1969-03-05 Benny and Björn write and produce their 3rd Andersson/Ulvaeus recording 'Ljuva Sextital' for Brita Borg.
1969-03-14 Agnetha performs her German single 'Concerto d 'amore' on tv show Gala-Abend der Schallplatte 1969 in West-Berlin.

1969-03-21 The Hep Stars record Benny and Björn's composition 'Speleman' and 'Precis Som Alla Andra'.
1969-03-31 Benny and Frida meet again while recording the radio show 'Midnight Hour' where they appeared in 'Flip Eller Flop'.
1964-04 Agnetha's German single 'Wer Schreibt Heut' Noch Liebesbriefe/Das Fest Der Pompadour'.
1969-05 Agnetha and Dieter split up and Agnetha moves back to Sweden.
1969-05-04 Björn and Agnetha meet each other for the first time on this Swedish tv Special: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvPI1qjESA0
1969-05-11 Agnetha's single 'En Gång Fanns Bara Vi Två'/'Fram for Svenska Sommaren' is released.

The two couples in 1969

1969 Video: På turné Marianne Kock Sten & Stanley Agnetha Fältskoghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yZgcCAD_v8 including 'Min farbror Jonathan'. 

1969-06 07 08 Frida records 'Så Synd Du Måste Gå' and 'Försök Och Sov På Saken'.
1969-06/07-08 Agnetha's single 'Hjärtats Kronprins'/'Tag Min Hand Låt Oss Bli Vänner' with the Sven-Olof Walldorff Orchestra is released. It did not make the Swedish chart.

1969-08 Benny and Frida get engaged in the restaurant 'Hamburgers Bors' in Stockholm, where she performs.
1969-09-10 Björn, Benny and Frida record 'Peter Pan'. The very first recording with 3 future ABBA members working on one record.

The love couple in the summer of '69

Björn and Agnetha's relationship in a Swedish magazine in 1969

1969-09-12 Björn and Benny produce the single 'Det Var En Gång' / 'Sä Kom Den Där Våren' for Anna-Lena Löfgren
1969-10-04 Björn and Agnetha perform at a popgala in Skellefteå. They had moved into an apartment on Lilla Essingen in Stockholm.

1969-late Agnetha's 2nd LP 'Agnetha Fältskog Vol. 2' is released.

1969-11-23 Agnetha's single 'Zigenarvän'/'Som En Vind Kom Du Till Mej' reaches No.5 On Svensktoppen.

Björn with the Hep Stars in 1970 in Malmö

1970-01-21 Agnetha records 'Litet Solskensbarn' and 'Om tårar vore Guld'.
1970-early Agnetha records a German song called 'Hocus Pokus' for the German pre-selections of the Eurovision Songcontest. The song is never released on single (the 1970 edition of the Eurovsion Songcontest is held in The Netherlands on March 21).

1970 Release of Agnetha's German single 'Fragezeichen Mag Ich Nicht'/'Wie Der Nächtste Autobus' and 'Ein Kleiner Mann in eine Flasche'/'I Suchte Liebe bei Dir'.

1970-02-27 Recording 'There's A Little Man' (backing vocals by Agnetha) for Billy G-son. and 'I Saw It In The Mirror' (early backing track.

1970-03late Frida performs at the Forum in Älvsbyn.

1970-03   Release of B & B single 'She's My Kind Of Girl'/'Inga Theme'.

1970-03-06 Frida records 'Där Du Går Lämnar Kärleken Spår' and 'Du Var Främling Här Igår'.

1970-04 Agnetha's single  'Om tårar vore Guld'/'Litet Solskensbarn' is released.

1970-04-01 Benny and Frida move to a flat in the Vasastan district in Stockholm.
1970-04-05 The foursome go on a 11-day holiday to Cyprus. With guitars they sang together for the first time, performing for United Nations soldiers stationed on the island.
Plans were made to include the girls in the recording of the B & B 'Lycka' album. Agnetha and Björn get engaged.
1970-04mid Svenne & Lotta Hedlund are informed by Björn and Benny about the plans for a cabaret tour of their own with Frida and Agnetha during the autumn.
1970-04-30 Björn and Benny go on tour again with Svenne & Lotta.

Benny & Björn on stage with Svenne & Lotte

1970-06-0208/09 Recording tracks for the 'Lycka' album with 'Hej Gamle Man', with all four future ABBA members and 'Liselott' with lyrics of Björn and Agnetha. Engineer Michael Tretow and conductor Sven-Olof Walldorf were in it from this moment on.

The two couples in 1970

1970-07/08 In the summer Agnetha embarks on a solo Folkpark tour.

Agnetha on stage in Åhus

1970-08-22 Björn and Benny with Svenne & Lotte perform in Vretstorps Folkets Park at 11 pm.

1970-08-30 Björn and Benny have their last gigs with Svenne & Lotte today.

1970-09-02 Work on the B & B 'Lycka' album.

1970-09-04 Agnetha is back in the studio to complete her 3nd Björn produced album 'Som Jag Är'. Backing tracks for 'När Jag Var Fem', 'Som Ett Eko', 'Spela Vår Sång', 'Ta Det Bara Med Ro' and 'Sov Gott Min Lilla Vän' are recorded today.
1970-09-08 Recording tracks for Frida's album with Benny as producer: 'Lycka', 'En Lång Och Ödslig Vär', "Jag Är Beredd', 'Gå Min Väg', 'Jag Blir Galen När Gag Tänker På Dig' and 'En Ton Av Tystnad'.
1970-09-10 Work on 'Kalles Visa' and 'Någonting Är På Väg' for the B & B 'Lycka' album.
1970-09-11 Backing tracks for Agnetha's 3rd solo LP 'Som Jag Är' among which the Agnetha/Björn duet 'Så Här Börjar Kärlek. Stig didn't want the song to be included as a Börn/Agnetha duet on her album, because Agnetha had a contract with a rival label. Therefore, Björn's name isn't mentioned on her album. Recording of other Agnetha backing tracks: 'Du Ska Minnas Mig, Tänk Va Skönt, En Säng Och En Saga', 'Jag Skall Göra Allt' and 'Hjärtats Saga'.

1970-09-20  ABBA's first appearance ever on a Swedish tv show, performing the country song "California Here I Come" and ABBA sing the chorus of "Red Roses For A Blue Lady", with Swedish jazz singer "Gunnar Siljaboo.
1970-09-29 'Festfolk' on a Swedish radio show 'Vara Favoriter'. Agnetha sings 'Som Ett Eko' and Frida sings 'Barnen Sover', accompanied by the boys. As a quartet they perform 'Hej Gamle Man'.

The foursome during an unkown performance in 1970

1970-10 Agnetha's 3rd album 'Som Jag Är' is released.

1970-10-21 Frida performs the following old Swedish hits on tv-show Nar Stenkakan Slog: 'Ole Lukköje', 'Vad Gor Det Att Vi Skiljs For I Afton', 'Att Alska I Varens Tid', 'Min Soldat', Söderhavets Sång' and 'I Min Blommiga Blå Krinolin'
Att Alska I Varens Tid

1970-10-31 The foursome appear on tv show 'I Stället För Tarzan' (Instead Of Tarzan) with 'Hej Gamle Man'.

1970-10-30  The four Festfolk/ABBA members rehearse in Malmö at the St. Jörgen for the upcoming show in Gothenburg.

1970-11-01 The four friends decide to go on stage as cabaret act 'Festfolk', debuting at the Trägarn club in Gothenburg today with 'Hej Gamle Man'. The performance is not a succes.

1970-11-04 ABBA members reheasing? in Gothenburg.

Festfolk on stage.

1970-12-01/20 'Festfolk give a series of concerts at the Strand club in Stockholm in December 1970. After these concerts, the four friends go their seperate ways again.
1970-12-19 Recording tracks for Frida's solo album, produced by Benny.